OHPEN Lab: Optimization of Health ProcEsses and Networks Laboratory

OHPEN is directed by You Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor. The lab aims to leverage sophisticated social network and data mining techniques to learn patterns representing good practice in the implementation of collaborative patient-centred care. Based on the evidences learned from medical data, the lab will investigate how best to help healthcare organziaitons to optimize practices and allocate resources to improve care quality of patiets and minimize their healthcare costs.


Post-doc positions available

Job Description:The target project for these positions is the development of data mining and machine learning algorithms to derive enhanced predictive models and actionable knowledge from data in electronic health records, social media, community health status indicators, mobile health and human genomics.

Requirements: Candidates should have a recent PhD degree in a computer science-oriented field and should have sufficient experience in machine learning, large-scale data analysis or statistics. He/she should have discipline and high motivation to pursue independent research in biomedical informatics.

How to Apply: To apply, send a CV, a research statement and three reference letters to you.chen@vanderbilt.edu




R00 LM011933-02

Learning Patterns of Collaboration to Optimize the Management of Care Providers.

Leveraging social network analysis and data mining methods to learn patterns of collaboration through utilization of electronic health record systems.

  • May 16
  • April 19

Academic Support Program

Learning Risk Factors for Perinatal Morbidity

  • May 15
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Academic Support Program

Clinical Outcome Prediction

  • May, 2017
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